Professional rant about social media marketing Ads.

It really makes me shake my head, I am doing industry research advancing my skills and studying new tactics and technology for my business.
I am bombarded with social media marketer Ads and you tube videos claiming to have the next big thing, the one stop learning tool to boost your businesses performance on social media or the next big profit reining in strategy.
I felt compelled to explain what exactly is happening here, and please understand there ARE social media marketers that can REALLY improve your bottom line BUT, I am seeing a increasing trend of the majority going about it a certain way.
Now that they have your email address, it will be added to their email lists and you will randomly receive content emails from them, until such time as you get sick of them and go through the unsubscribe process. In some cases some outfits will delete your information but others will sell it to 3rd parties. Again I would like to stress that not all outfits do this and DO simply delete your information.
Onto the part I personally have the biggest problem with, the information provided in MOST cases, is simply basic tutorials about basic social media account and page navigation, it is useful content but its not created by them anymore than just explaining the process and is available from each social media platforms help sections and explanation pages.
It is at best deceptive and at worst and again in some case harmful, because some outfits ad filler content that actually makes you need their services more!
Now that you have gone through all the steps and have visited their websites multiple times you have increased the monetary value of THEIR brand, helped them to reach more people through social media algorithms for THEIR ads and this is when they complete their, whats called a sales funnel and you get a special offer of massive discount on their products and services.
Mostly NONE of which are guaranteed to effect your business in a positive way.
AGAIN I would like to state their are some good outfits out there, they provide real and true valuable content and services.
Social media marketing is all about quality content that drives lead creation (new clients/customers) I have always said this, the very best thing you can do is have a great PR/social media manager and a crisp clean social media presence that is interactive and provides quality and valuable content.
At the end of the day if your business is not run efficiently and you do not have a great product or service? That WILL spill over into your social media presence.
Social media is a VERY POWERFUL tool and social media marketing is also very powerful and yes you can even hire a marketing team to make garbage look good, ultimately though? Your businesses performance will always show its true colours.
Doing business with these outfits and trying to get a fast cheap solution can and often does end up hurting your business more than helping.
I am researching and educating myself more and more about marketing and will be offering such services in the future.
My opinion on this matter and knowledge of it has come from the past few months of wall to wall research I have done on affiliate marketing.
Professional rant complete #honourablemarketing #keepitsimplestupids #moneycanbeabadmotivatortoo
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