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How much is your time worth? How much money are you willing to risk?

As businessmen and businesswomen, these are two very important questions we have to ask ourselves almost daily when expanding or branching out and indeed performing our day to day functions with each new problem that challenge that presents itself. FMS has been built to cater to all businesses needs, to allow the saving of time and money while building brand recognition and building customer relationships and trust.
We provide the most up to date and outside the box innovative thinking solutions incorporated into your social media presence. From researching your industry and product lines to speaking to you and your team, we learn what makes it all tic .We figure out what the people on social media will find attractive about it and we use this knowledge to tailor content posts to drive people to interact with your brand and share it. Posting that you sell beds everyday, different sizes and brands are not enough for social media.

What is so challenging about building and managing social media presences? Why should I consider outsourcing this?

If your page comes across as a barrage of advertisements and marketing without any quality content, your business presence online is on the fast track to the morgue. The same can be said if your social media pages are posting too much of a certain content or the post are too long and do not capture the attention quick enough. There is a psychology and methodology to correct social media management that really does take thousands of hours of research and hands on practice to master.
If you do any amount of research for your company, markets best prices for stock or components etc, you can appreciate how time-consuming it can be. Now consider spending thousands of hours researching the top 20 social media platforms, blog posts, infographics peer reviewed industry papers and all your competitors’ social media pages.Do this each month and see how much time you have to run your business.
Also having a set of eyes that is not constantly in the mindset of your business, is really a phenomenal asset to have in your arsenal.

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