Why should I have a social media presence for my business?

Social media has become an intricate and vital part of business structuring. If you are holding out on utilizing social media for your business, consider the following aspects of social media and how it can be beneficial to your brand.

Establishing and maintaining brand loyalty

Followers that are engaged with are the best brand advocates. Building a foundation of trust by providing valuable information rather than sales pitches is proving to be the better approach. Researching and finding/creating solutions to followers common problems is also a massive brand recognition platform and loyalty builder.
By providing content that your audience can use, you give them a reason to keep following you and engaging as well as recommending your brand to their friends, family and business associates.

Public relations/Customer/Client Service

Public relations and customer service as we have known it has changed. Society and especially the younger generations of customers have evolved to want push button, fast and efficient solutions. Social media provides those fast and convenient solutions customers are looking for and has become a viable alternative to traditional public relations/customer/client service.
Using A social media account page as a customer service tool allows customers to get their questions answered in a more convenient manner than a calling into your business. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer.
Would you rather spend precious moments on the phone with a customer service representative or send a message and move on to your next task? Your customers will appreciate the amount of time you are saving them by being available through social media. When your customers are saved time and effort, so are you.

let’s face it if you have ever had one hand on the phone, a queue of customers waiting and three lines on hold while a delivery driver is waiting for a signature, you will appreciate this every bit as much as the customer will 🙂
Everything is so corporate these days, from call center read scripts to automated interactive voice message menus. The majority of customers cannot stand this, I don’t think any of us can, to be honest.
People want and fact needs to engage with people.

Brand and crisis management

Social media is a simple and efficient way to manage how your brand is perceived online. It can allow you to resolve issues quickly and turn a negative situation into a positive way to prove your commitment to customer service.
Social media is the modern equivalent of word of mouth marketing. It is important to be tuned into everything that is being said about your brand and how it is being perceived.
A branding of the people
Your social media presence needs to be a direct extension of your brand’s personality. Each post should be as human as the person who posts it.  Putting the human touch to your social media presence allows you to connect with your audience in a way that will resonate with them.
It allows your audience to feel you want more than just their business, that you actually care about their experience and take into account the value of their time, rather than just bombarding them with ads about your products and services.
A strong social media presence will lead to sales, customer loyalty, brand advocation, and so much more especially with the ever-evolving nature of social media. Can you really afford to not have a social media manager in your corner in todays business world?

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