Social Media Management (Facebook business page like and share competitions)

First and foremost! Are Facebook business page competitions “Illegal” or againstfacebook2 rules?

There has been much debate about this and even full-blown social media arguments among various business owners and marketers/managers.

The answer is it is more in a grey area, that is to say with conditions and rules, that keep you inline with Facebooks policies and community standards.

It should be noted that while Facebook has in the past frowned upon such competitions, obviously peoples privacy and their paid ads bottom line being key factors. Facebook to date has never penalized any business or charity that we are aware of to date.

There are a few things you can do to stay in the safe zone and absent any negative feedback.

  1. In the Facebook guidelines, it’s made clear that there should be an “Acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.”
  2. Ensure your page does not contain fraudulent or misleading content.
  3. Make sure your terms and conditions are clear and concise.
  4. You can NOT host a business page promotion on your personal profile. (It must be on your business page.
  5. You can NOT REQUIRE anyone to like or share or comment in order to be eligible
  6. You CAN contact winners via status updates, messages, emails, tweets, tag comments on threads or on your website or blog.

7. It should be noted that the world of social media is constantly evolving, all social media platforms rules and regulations evolve with it. Facebook is no different and              FREQUENTLY change policies.

There are ways around these policies, little what is called in the social media world grey hat techniques. there are 3 levels.

Marketing practices

1.Blackhat, which is blatantly against the rules and WILL get you penalized for using them.

2.Gray hat, which is in a grey area, considered more adaptive solutions that are loopholes more than violations.

3.White hat, which is complete to the letter compliance with all codes of conduct and regulations.

We use 90% white hat and 10% gray hat, we consider this a good balance that keeps us within accepted parameters and benefits our clients via policy compliance while incorporating outside the box thinking.

An example is when we run like and share competitions, we use terms like “Consider liking and sharing our page and leaving us a comment”

This implies, you do not have to and we are not directly asking people to, instead, we are asking them to consider it. The effect is much the same and yields the intended action the majority of the time.

How much work is in running a competition?

Simple answer? A LOT! The entire point of these competitions is to create brand awareness, increase page traffic and following/page likes and ENGAGEMENT with the audience to keep people clicking on and sharing your content.

As you can see on this featured page 

These types of competitions can be used to increase pages likes quite quickly and be great fun for the audience, while show casing the clients brand and bringing in new customers.

You can also see the amount of interaction that is required in engaging the participants. This particular competition ran for 7 days, reached over 30k people and grew the pages following by more than 300%.

The people while waiting for the winners to be announced on Halloween day are also engaging/seeing the clients products and services. It requires a lot of time, each participant is thanked for their participation, milestones (100 likes, 200 likes etc) must be acknowledged and appreciation was shown.


This should be done via comment liking via the various options provided. An engaged social media manager is a valuable asset in this process, not to mention they will know how to promote it effectively and advise on prizes and amounts as well as duration, which all need to be specifically tailored to each various business.


There are very many different variations of competitions and tailored properly can drive traffic and market your business, with better results than any commercial or radio slot ever could alone.


We do encourage utilizing the local radio stations to promote the competitions as they do reach many who are not on social media as often as others while increasing brand recognition and marketing.

These competitions as we have already stated have many benefits including showing customer appreciation, which should ALWAYS be your number one goal in social media.Set aside a fair portion of your advertising/marketing budget per month for these and you will become very popular on social media, very quickly.

Depending on the client’s size, we offer this service as part of our basic social media management package @ $500 per month for complete page management. A guide to our pricing can be found here,

We also don’t mind giving #freeadvice as you can see, our clients’ understand how much work goes into these promotions and management. They simply do not have time to do it themselves. They also know it is VERY hard to find a company to do this much for less money. Plus let us be honest, it shows our brands nature and dedication and that is priceless 😉

Feel free to reach out to use, check out our previous clients’ reviews and let us know if we can be of assistance!


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