Community – Links

These are some community pages, We own and operate/lend our services to free of charge to help Manage, they have been designed to enrich the lives of our local communities and offer various forms of support.

These pages grow themselves, it is ultimately the community members that are responsible for their growth and success 🙂 All though I have taken special interest in the farming page, as it is part of what I want to do down the road and I have a few farming friends, I love working on the farm and I love the type of people that do it for  a living, good down home, grass roots not afraid to get dirty people that feed the rest of us 😉

This is a pet project of mine to re-empower small local farmers and the farming community towards wrestling back some of the control of our food supply from Big Business and educate and bring back organic natural foods to the forefront of our diets and increase our collective health overall.

This is a local advice/community information page we helped to build and help Moderate. 

This is a local buy and sell/services community page we started to help people earn extra money/ find items they need rather than depending on the big box stores.


We are almost done our tour but you can not take a tour and try to get to know someone without knowing where they are from, and in this case, you may very well leave wanting to see it in person and you may very well never want to leave, and you would be welcome, join us on our home page via the link below 🙂