Our basic package begins with market and industry research as well as learning about your company and building your social media accounts/tweaking your existing if this is a viable option, some accounts are better started from scratch.
We set up the accounts and then manage them posting quality highly engaging content daily.
We do randomly throw in bonus content, should we come across something really special in our research/something we think will really benefit your presence.
Content Creation and Design- Our team will design and put into place any and all content you require/desire. Then we will work on your traffic optimisation and followers, each website’s niche is unique and requires different techniques to become successful.
We are constantly researching to evolve our craft, you can rest assured that when we are done and if you choose to not have us manage your online presence for you, we will continue to touch base and help you keep up to date with new tactics to continue your success!
Facebook follower building/Twitter following- We work 7 days a week on all of our client’s projects especially this aspect.As well as other Social Media Account following depending on what you desire.
Business Logo Design- We will design your business Logos and Templates.
Online Presence Management-Our full Package takes ALL the worry and time consumption away from the client, We figure out what your Maximum budget is and we put together everything you need/Can afford and we build a Social Media Presence.
We build it and then we stay on to manage the whole thing and send you updates as to how it is performing. You can be as little or as much involved as you wish.
We will work with you to help you accomplish your goals, so if you are a start-up or small business? Guess what so we were at one point too and we have special pricing to get you started!
We want to help you grow, it is a mutually beneficial relationship, the better we make you look the better we look.
We will also write blogs and create quality content for your website to keep your traffic returning. If you wish we will also implement and teach you how to run monetization of your website.

Robert Espineira reviewed Finley Media Solutions – 5 star
This firm is really helping our family right now with our social media and we could not thank them enough. I would HIGHLY recommend them as they offer amazing results with outstanding service.

Here, read some of our client reviews and see what people we have helped are saying.

Justin Moule reviewed Finley Media Solutions – 5 star
I want to thank Finley Media Solutions, for such creativity, not only that is how fast they came up with the design. as well as replying to their clients fast. no beating around the bush with these guys!
This company has done wonders for our business! Social media is the way to go with advertising these days and FMS knows how to get your voice heard!
Hi my name is Juanita Wilson and I am a Community Director with Fabulous@50 in New Brunswick I am also a Toastmaster and a motivational speaker.Finley Media Solutions are helping me to expand my reach by building me a public figure page.Will is very professional but also very personable and I would recommend you reaching out to him for great advice and help for all your media needs, I sure am glad i did.
Meron Gebrit reviewed Finley Media Solutions – 5 star
Amazing service! Very happy with the results ! highly recommend.
Jade Small reviewed Finley Media Solutions – 5 star
Thank you Finley Media Solutions for going the extra mile to help us on our journey! Highly recommended for any of your social media needs!
Robert Jackson reviewed Finley Media Solutions – 5 star
Great guy willing to help other small businesses to expand their web presence in terms of quality of content as well as methods of getting your business name out there. We were thankful for the leg-up Will gave us!
Dee Miles reviewed Finley Media Solutions – 5 star
What we love most about FMS is that they LISTEN to what we want…or think we want and then use their creativity to bring it to fruition. We also like that they have the courage to tell us if they think something is a “bad idea”…if we still wish to proceed with such an idea, they say ok, and then do their best to make it successful. The owner Will Leeman is honest and upfront and we value that! – D. Miles, Owner of DogsPoopWeScoop

To whom it may concern:

I’m writing today to give a testimonial to Will Leeman who had taken over my company’s social media platforms last month.  My experience has been nothing but very positive.  Will works tirelessly on behalf of us, and I’m sure his other clients, to provide top notch service.  He is very dedicated to the job and tasks he performs and keeps me updated on a daily basis as to his plan of action for the day, new ideas he comes up with, and how our social media campaigns are progressing and the results.  He makes a concerted effort to get to know his client’s business inside and out so he can devise a proper marketing plan fine-tuned towards the client.  The work he performs is not a cookie cutter, straight out of the box model but is well suited and tailored for the client.  Our business is quite unique, we run an online auction service, and we are marketing to both buyers and to potential sellers of product.  This presents challenges that most businesses do not have.  Will has done a tremendous job catering to both buyers and sellers.
Will has truly turned around our social media efforts.  In just the span of a few weeks, our following and reach has grown by well over 500% and grows exponentially every day.  I cannot say enough good things or give higher praises for the hard work, time and dedication Will has shown me to make my company more successful and to give us a strong foothold in the social media world.  I do highly recommend him.

Ron Leftwich, CAI 

JLR Auctions 
P.O. Box 967
18471 Industrial Road
Culpeper, VA 22701
Direct 540-270-7363
Office 540-825-9045
Fax 540-825-7040
To whom it may concern,
I have known Mr William Leeman for many years and knowing that he has an outstanding work ethic and determination on completion of tasks, that’s why it made logical sense to take him on as our social media consultant to run and look after my companies social presence He has done this with true professionalism and complete all jobs and task at a speed and manner that we have not found
I have known Mr William Leeman for many years and knowing that he has an outstanding work ethic and determination on completion of tasks, that’s why it made logical sense to take him on as our social media consultant to run and look after my companies social presence He has done this with true professionalism and complete all jobs and task at a speed and manner that we have not found with any other company. Knowing that he has a strong work ethic and a loyalty that is of great credit to not only himself but to his family and company I would recommend William to anyone that is in need of a devoted person to whatever task he undertakes
Best regards
Daniel Reeves Founder and Director The Computer Clinic Bicester
Clint Jackson reviewed Finley Media Solutions – 5 star
19 March · 

Very good customer service by FMS. Great company.

Christi Ann reviewed Finley Media Solutions – 5 star
We are paid like other Social Media Management Companies in advance for the following months services, this protects us from doing work for nothing and you as if during any particular month, you decide that for whatever reason you do not wish to continue with our services or any aspect of them, we have time to renegotiate before the following month/finish off our workload for you before service termination and you do not have to worry about owing us anything 🙂
Website builds are paid for in advance/50% deposit
We do have a contract that both parties sign to verify services and cost, we also have an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that protects you legally should we be privy to your business information/financial and accounting information) these can be requested at any time.
Our packages do vary but control of temporary contracts are passed over to the client once payment is received.
You reach out to us via our contact page options. We will set up a phone meeting to go over your requirements and budget.
We will work with you to find a perfect budget balance should you want full package services or one-off or limited package services.
We can do as much or as little as you desire, you can be as involved or uninvolved in the day to day operations as you wish.
We give our word and stake our reputation on the fact you will never be pressured or sold something we do not feel you need and you do not have to worry about not knowing about the services or anything at all! THATS OUR JOB! 🙂
Our services range from $100 CAD to $5000+ CAD, It really does just depend on how much you want to be done and for how long. Temporary clients do not enjoy the discounts as long term clients, this being said our pricing is already much better than our competition considering the 24/7 service and extra man hours we put in to ensure maximum productivity yields.
Our business model is built around saving you time and effort that you need to devote to your on the ground operations and giving you back the time you deserve to have to enjoy the fruits of your labor, while long-term increasing the reach and bottom line of your business!
Finley Media Solutions, Social Media Excellence Discovered!
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