We here at F.M.S take our clients’ as well as the visitors’ to our website and social media pages, security and Data protection very seriously.
Below is an image that shows how we use tracking cookies within our analytics software to track visitors and see which pages they visit and which nation they are visiting from.
It ONLY shows us the nation, time and date of visit and on which pages they have visited. We use this information to gauge how well our advertising is doing in any particular campaign we run or promotion we offer. As well as which pages they visit the most so that we may tweak the website and social media pages to perform better to enhance our online presence and make things easier to understand and process for existing and possible new clients as well as those that simply visit to take advantage of the free information we offer via our articles.
GDPR Compliance graphic
Clients always have the option to request and examine, where, how, when and what their data and intellectual data/property are being used as well as stored and protected.
We offer a full explanation of all of these upon request.
We also report and security breaches of which we are both very happy to say we have had none so far in our history and are confident in the protections we have in place.
Below is a graphic showing said protections.
gdpr compliance graphic 2
We also create and sign NDA’S (Non-Disclousure Agreements) for all clients’ that wish to have one in place.
We follow and keep up to date with all security and data protection laws such as G.D.P.R and all internet security risks via our IT client The Computer Clinic Bicester, whom not only advise us but teach and implement awareness and preparedness of these procedures and legislation for many other businesses globally.
We very much appreciate and recommend their services and knowledge, below is a link to their Facebook business page https://www.facebook.com/computerclinicbicester/
Thank-You for stopping in to read our G.D.P.R Compliance page, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us via this link https://finleymediasolutions.com/contact-us/