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The Mighty Miramichi River

Chatham has a 4-star hotel right on the banks of the Mighty Miramichi river, exhibition grounds to rival any in the region which hosts a variation of events including fairs.

A massive catholic steeple overlooks the river and downtown area the architecture of which rivals some of Great Britain’s finest tourist destinations. We also have a sports arena in this area only one of a few.

Miramichi is also home to the N.B.C.C community college which boasts some courses that are the best in North America with students coming as far as south America to attend.

Miramichi as has plenty of Bakeries that combine old world traditional baking with New Age creations that would please the palates of some of the world’s most accomplished bakers.It also has a Fantastic Irish Pub and eatery that is on par with Ireland’s best traditional pubs as well as their entertainment! I myself have traveled and lived in various parts of the world and can support these claims 🙂


If you are on the river during the tourist season and you do not make Tasty Treats a part of your daily routine? You will be missing out on the chance to experience every flavor of taste bud tingling, hair standing on their endings, palate paradise flavors!

The server has a smile and prompt service, if you are a client of F.M.S by then or want to to talk about our services, I will pop over and buy you a tasty treat while we talk! 😉 Either don’t rob yourself of this stop on your travels, I have eaten ice cream in several countries and I can say this place has mastered the art.

Tasty Treats is on HGY 11 just coming into Miramichi from Moncton N.B, it shares its location with the shell service station. Visit their Facebook page for more information.



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And of course, if you are with a loved one vacationing or you decide to move to our beautiful city you will have need of a beautiful florist that is both caring and passionate about her product and work. We strongly suggest our preferred florist Country Floral in Chatham on water street. Always a welcoming smile and down to earth and caring nature can be found. You can find her on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/countryfloralflowershop/  and or the website 😉 http://www.miramichiflorist.com/   so fellas you can order your loved one flowers and have them ready when you arrive!

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The river also boasts a growing and popular Organic industry with a traditional Seafood Market which also operates a Pub & Seafood eatery on the outskirts of town coupled with a huge deck and great entertainment.Another part of the city has an Organic food and supplements store. Miramichi also has a successful and thriving Natural Path clinic and several wellness centers.

We actually have city status here but haven’t completely lost the village feel or lifestyle 🙂

There are many things that are advancing quickly, industry and tourism wise but there are still and I suspect always will be beautiful spots secluded and for your mind to get whisked away into the perfect daydream.

The people are friendly and helpful, night spots for most preferences, golf course, shooting ranges and fishing to match the best in North Americas greatest destinations.

I moved here almost 10 years ago, knowing only it was called Canada’s Irish capital, which suited me just fine as my favorite years in my life before I came here were actually spent in Ireland.

The Miramichi river reminded me of the mighty Shannon river in Limerick Ireland where I would go to collect my thoughts and breathe away life’s torments. I find it hard now to Imagine myself anywhere else.


Miramichi, previously known around the world for its salmon fishing, is also now making quite the name for itself in the striped bass fishing industry. An annual stripped bass tournament now takes place every year and is founded and sponsored by some of the biggest outdoorsmen retailers in Canada.

18157370_10158522199240537_3942952189431043752_nphoto credit: https://www.facebook.com/canadarock1970  Cori-Leigh also has a home based Business that is in line with Miramichi’s growing Organics industry, we at F.M.S always go out of our way to promote and help these types of businesses to grow nad succeed, you can link through to hers via this link! 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/LivingHealthywithWatkins/

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