Promo Videos

Do you have a friend or family member with a Birthday coming up?
What if you were able to have a video made of their favorite moments during the previous 12 months?
Using pictures and or videos edited together to form a lasting memory video?
What if you could hire someone to do this for any occasion?
Send us a message, we will make your vision into a next-generation video.
Our next generation videos really make business pages pop and get so many shares!  



A promotion video can be used to promote your brand or products. They can also be created to launch offers and long term discounts. The content of which is very flexible. They can have music or not, various text fonts, colors and positioning within the video.

The videos are 15 seconds in length and can be your videos or fully licensed music and video we have access to. Once you pay for it, all licensing and usage rights become yours. We can also create videos that go into the spot where your Facebook business page cover photo currently is. These videos are the same except they are 30 seconds long and normally serve more as a business commercial.

Here are some videos we have created for ourselves and our clients:








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