My name is Master William Edward Leeman.

I am the son of Master Nelson Elswood Leeman a lifetime serving member of the Canadian armed forces before his passing some 30 odd years ago as a result of his service.

I am a human rights activist, a father, a husband and a business owner/entrepreneur I am passionate about each of them.

I have learned a great deal in my years of activism research about the realities of our systems and the level of corruption therein.

Things that have my father and his brothers rolling in their graves to be quite blunt.
My intention is to build an honorable corporation via honorable business practices.
I have as an activist been involved in think tanks over the years that you can see have greatly affected the global stock prices of some corporations with very questionable business practices.

A lifetime friend in the IT industry explained to me how I could do the same thing in reverse, empower honorable businesses while making quite a lucrative living.
The result is Finley Media Solutions, a company already being watched by industry insiders despite only being in business part of this year (2017) and named after my Daughter Finley Grace Isles Leeman, with the intention of her taking over the company as her own upon her 19th birthday (she is 4 and already learning the ropes, that isn’t a joke 😉 )

We look forward to forging honorable business relationships and empowering others to do the same.

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